I bought this 14 ft fiberglass Jon boat with electric motor for $175. I must admit when I first saw it the only thing I could think of was how ratty it looked. But being that fishing season has slowed down a bit I thought it would be a good idea to take on another winter project. The first thing I did was power wash the boat inside and out to blow off all the chipping paint. The boat has some peeling Fiberglass on the floor so I decided to use flex seal spray rubber to lock everything down and also seal any hairline cracks. I then used spray foam to fill in the back hull as there was a huge gap where the motor mount went. I also put a piece of sheet metal on the back engine mount. I also used spray paint to camo the boat. All hat is left now is bottom paint! Can wait to get out in the water in the spring! I’ll be using my felt bottom marine sportsman FlipRocks Flip Flops for this adventure. Tight lines!