I absolutely love your products!
I used them to hike this very steep, slippery trail (Youtube / AllTrails) near my home on Maui, every day for a week.
The FlipRocks flip flops with the water trekker gripping pads saved me from falling on the slippery, sloped dirt and pine needles many times.
The only problem was that the ribbon that goes between my toes hurt when I was going downhill, because much of my bodyweight went right into that ribbon.
That’s why I just purchased the sandals and the slides.
I love the sandals, and find them more comfortable than the slides, so I’m returning the slides.
Also, a metal tip broke off one of my water trekker gripping pads — probably because there are rocks on the trail — so I bought replacement gripping pads, as well.
When I get a chance, I plan to try the sandals on another very steep, slippery — especially when muddy — trail (YouTube / AllTrails).
Thanks for creating such great products.
It’s so hot and humid here on Maui, that’s it’s great to be able to hike safely, without having to wear shoes! 
Thanks again,