Wore my FlipRocks hiking VT trails this past weekend. Took the family to the famous Long Trail (Long Trail Ale is named after this hike) on Mt. Mansfield, we only made it to the half-way point because we started too late in the day, but boy was it a serious hike!! Very steep trail! The dog was even tuckered out by the time we turned around… lol 🙂

The next day we ventured over to Mt. Ascutney and admittedly drove most of the way up the 3,144 foot elevation… but that still left us a descent 3.5 miles of fun trails to hike and see various different peeks.

The views were amazing and the memories are forever etched in our hearts and minds (cheesy I know, but so true)

My FlipRocks were protecting my toes and the Timberline pads gave me the sure footing I needed to maneuver along the rocky trails. If you find yourself in that area and looking for a great hike with stunning views and great areas for a picnic, Mt. Ascutney in VT doesn’t disappoint!

Happy trails,


So close we had to hike them all!
Taking in the view
Cool trail along Mt. Ascutney summit trail