Got the Coronavirus Blues?

Let’s be honest, this coronavirus situation is getting pretty stressful—especially for those of us up north, who have been cooped up all winter. It seems like winter will never end!

Still, we all have to do our part to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus. This is why health officials are recommending “social distancing” in many areas. In short, social distancing involves avoiding large gatherings and social situations whenever possible. For example, you may choose to stay in and watch Netflix instead of going to hang out at your local bar.

Here at FlipRocks, our minds immediately went to our favorite activity when we learned about social distancing: Fishing.

If you think about it, fishing is a great way to distance yourself from others for long periods of  time, while still allowing you to get out of the house and have a great time. It will also help you relax, boosting your immune system and keeping your spirits high.

So take heart, grab your fishing gear, and head out to your favorite local river or oceanside spot to spend some quality alone time. And while you’re at it, bring along a fresh pair of FlipRocks.

Remember: We’re all in this together.