Newly-launched startup FlipRocks today announced the immediate availability of the FlipRocks Extreme Flip Flop with Interchangeable Gripping Soles.

FlipRocks offer a unique spin on traditional flip flops with a number of design elements that deliver an unmatched balance of comfort, protection and support. An elevated toe guard protects the most vulnerable part of the foot. A removable and adjustable comfort strap provides additional support. And the removable, replaceable and customizable GripToeNite gripping system offers an unparalleled level of traction for any outdoor environment.

The GripToeNite gripping system is currently available in three designs. The Timberline gripping pad is an all-around tread for daily use – with an aggressive tread pattern that is well-suited for hiking. The Water Trekker gripping pad incorporates stainless steel spikes, to provide additional traction for river fishing, surfcasting or for any environment where superior traction is required. And the Marine Sportsman pad is a felt-bottomed tread that was created for kayakers and boaters alike.

The FlipRocks’ design is the most flexible and technologically advanced flip flop on the market. Once the treads wear down, they can be replaced with new treads-of-choice that will last for several seasons.

“Because of the durable design, the rugged construction materials and the replaceable gripping pads, a pair of FlipRocks could potentially be the last pair of flip flops an outdoor enthusiast ever needs to buy,” said FlipRocks Co-founder Anthony Graffeo. “We think FlipRocks offer the ultimate combination of comfort, performance and protection for anyone that likes to fish, boat, kayak, hike or walk.”

The newly launched FlipRocks Company has been fully funded on Kickstarter in the first 22 days of its 45 day campaign. Anyone interested in taking advantage of the Kickstarter campaign introductory offer can purchase a pair of FlipRocks for up to 50-percent off of the retail price.

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