We decided to take a quick vaca down to Cancun, Mexico for a little R&R. I packed very light a few bathing suits, a few water shirts and my FlipRocks of course! Upon first appearance the beach looked super inviting and Sandy. However, once we got in the water we noticed that their were hidden coral ranging in size from a golf ball to a yoga ball. that were very unfriendly to your feet. These coral were unseen due to the turbulence in the ocean. The ocean was pretty rough, as well. As we continue to walk down the beach to try to find a good place to enter the ocean we came upon huge pieces of flat coral. I threw on my FlipRocks and ventured in. I stuck to those rocks like glueg and assumed that they weren’t slippery at all. I then went in barefoot as the flat coral seemed fine to walk on. Low and behold I almost busted my ass on the second step. They were super slick! I was glad I had my marine sportsman FlipRocks today. Here is a short clip of the coral flats: