One of our reps just got back from Chicago shoe show.   He mentioned it was a great event filled with a lot of excitement for new shoes in 2018.   He was featuring FlipRocks, Extreme FlipFlops and had many positive inquiries about the product from retailers across the Midwest.   We have been hearing from many many reps over the last 12 months how innovative and exciting our flip-flops are. They definitely stand out from anything currently on the market and we hope they continue to gain the kind of traction we seen over the last year.    The customizable features that the sandals have our second to none. You can literally build your own shoe!   We have also heard of many people telling us this is an excellent shoe for travel as it weighs next to nothing and takes up very little space in luggage on the plane. Other applications would require at least three shoes versus just this one pair of FlipRocks.  We have many new and cool features coming down the pike so please continue to check out for latest updates.