1. Today I went to the Pomperaug river in Southberry Connecticut. This was the second day since opening day I fish the pomp. The first day I went was the week after the second Saturday in April. I caught one nice size rainbow trout about 14 inches. That was the only fish hooked and landed. Needless to say one hook up a day is terrible for that trophy trout stream. Last year and the year before I would hook anywhere from 15 to 30 trout a day in mid April. Today was absolutely terrible fishing but beautiful scenery, I was wearing my FlipRocks with my felt pads and they were literally sticking to the slimy rocks like glue. I did not slip once and walked a good mile in water. All these years I always wanted a flip-flop that can do what FlipRocks does. Even though the fishing wasn’t very good I still had an excellent time and thoroughly enjoyed wet waiting in flip-flops. Tight lines!