Last week we hit the housey down in Stratford, CT.  It is an awesome fishery in early spring. Schools of stripe bass run up and down the river from the mouth up to the derby dam.  Early spring also is when the shad run as well.  The cows feed on them and throwing huge white sassy shad baits usually works well. However if you are fishing lower river the bait of choice hands down is the Herb’s Sluggo.  The sluggo is an amazing soft plastic in a variety of awesome colors and sizes.   On any given day in April/May you can easily pick up a dozen fish ranging in sizes from 10 inches to 10 pounds.  The day we took out our 15ft whaler was super windy and the tide was also coming in so we were blown around pretty hard.  We only hooked two fish but I landed a nice keeper.  We also had a blast since this was the first time the boat hit the water this year.  I am excited to get back out there this weekend.  Tight lines!