Today we have special guest blogger – Mark from West Virginia. Here’s Mark’s story:

I was able to use the Flip Flops all day Sunday. Monday it was too cold and raining- so I used my waders. I had hopes that Tuesday the weather would have allowed me to use them again. The morning started off too cold, but the water was great-until about noon when the river suddenly for muddy and came up so fast it trapped one of my friends and 3 others in a canyon, unable to cross the river. They eventually had to be rescued with a boat. So I can only report on one days use.

I am happy to report they worked well. I used the felt soles exclusively. Two of my friends are now nursing their injuries (nothing a little Crown and Coke won’t cure) due to the slippery freestone conditions causing spectacular, cartoonish falls. I remained upright with my dignity intact all day.

I really do not have any negative comments. I felt sturdy climbing over and around slippery boulders, I really did not experience any gravel or rock build-up between the insoles and my feet, I had no problems walking down a steep grade from our cabin, to the stream and back and given the upper 70s temperatures, I felt perfect in the stream – no sweat buildup anywhere!

My wife took some photos, but unfortunately many were very blurry. I have included those that did not suck so bad…..

Hopefully I can get one of my friends to take one or two showing the Flip Flops and fish next time out! We caught some very nice fish this trip, but my wife could not seem to get a good shot….. I fear conditions will not allow for their use the rest of the fall …. but next spring……