A few months ago on one last striper trip out of grass island in Greenwich CT, my friend and I were launching his boat on a slippery ramp. He was wearing flip flops of course and slipped into his trailer gashing his leg. I jokingly told him if he was wearing FlipRocks with the felt bottoms he would have never slipped. He angrily agreed. This lead me to think about how much better FlipRocks are to traditional boat shoes. The example I just gave is one for flip flops, the 2nd example would be docksiders. Docksiders are good for slippery boat decks but don’t allow you the freedom to jump off you boat while pulling up to a rocky beach. They are not built for an aqudic environment. However, FlipRocks with our felt pad bottom is the perfect application. They stick to wet and slime covered rocks like glue and they stick to your boat deck. Flip Rocks are also for bass masters who jump on and off their boats on slippery metal docks. I have a friend who is a bassmaster who told me dock slippage is a huge problem with all urgency surrounding a tournament. He liked the idea so much that he wanted to rep the shoes! I hope you try a pair for yourselves and see what you have been missing 🙂

Tight Lines!
FlipRocks – Extreme FlipFlops